About Us
The company

Telusys' mission is to provide a way for professional organizations to easily migrate to the Internet . . . a way to capitalize on high-technology to optimize staffing and present timely information cost-effectively. Our goal is straightforward — develop methods and systems to provide as much knowledge and expertise as possible and to allow the seamless integration of powerful software tools enabling clients to become self-sufficient. These methods and tools evolved over 18 years to become the cornerstone of Telusys — the Sitemanager program. Every tool a professional Web site could possibly need to become viable is included within this program. Ongoing research and development in new technologies give way to a continuous flow of new software products and tools added to the Sitemanager.

Telusys has developed technology especially for the Internet industry. We are the only ISP / ASP in the United States that offers a suite of 60 proprietary software programs for complete Web site management. Further, we are the only Web site development and hosting company that can offer customized software on-the-fly to fit a special application requirements. Many of our unique software systems are demonstrated on our Web site.