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SmartSite™ is a Web site development tool that lets users build a professional Web site with NO HTML skills involved! The SmartSite™ features 60 Web site design templates to choose from. Select from over 30 page format styles to build Web pages and upload your own coded content ™.

There are three levels of SmartSite™ development. Levels 1 and 2 take advantage of pre-styled Web site designs and template page formats in the site development process. If you would like to create your own unique design, Level 3 SmartSite™ will accommodate your custom graphic design plus give you all of the convenience and features of Levels 1 and 2. Level 4, Enterprise SmartSite, addresses the needs of large-scale Internet presence.

Easy Web Site Development
Web site development is performed 100% online, without having to code Web pages in HTML! Easy to use Web-based templates assist clients every step of the way. A very unique feature of this program allows Level 1 and Level 2 SmartSite™ clients to virtually change the look of their Web site at any time. A complete new graphical appearance and content display is as easy as the click of a button!

Manage your own Web site content using the TSAP 2.0 site administration program that allows the user to upload or download files at any time.

Access to Site Management Tools
SmartSite™ utilizes Telusys' powerful site management tools to provide clients with information about visitation trends using Stat-Track, how to take advantage of advertising opportunities with AdTrack, and communication tools designed to enhance community building relationships via Tel/Serv, bulletin board system, and the Enterprise Calendar. A directory for business or not-for-profit organizations can be easily created with the ability to privatize it using secure password protection methods. Secure one page or groups of pages.

Free E-Mail Accounts
A standard feature of the program provides each SmartSite™ with a tool to set up free e-mail accounts according to the level of development chosen. Level 1 provides 5 free accounts; Level 2, 10 free accounts; and Level 3, 25 free accounts. Collect e-mail from anywhere — at any time.

Cost-Effective Web Site Hosting
SmartSite™ Web site hosting starts as low as $25.00 to $55.00 per month depending upon the level chosen.

Brand 'em!
You can brand the SmartSite™ with your corporate or association identity. And, e-commerce enabled reseller/affinity programs can be tailored to your business goals.

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