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Enterprise Calendar

The Enterprise Calendar program is the ultimate tool for enterprise-wide scheduling of events. This exclusive tool lets the administrator schedule an unlimited number of events through Telusys' Sitemanager interface. A user-friendly registration form allows the administrator to add, delete or modify approved users on-the-fly with an option to add or delete user groups — with no limit to the number of calendars that can be generated.

Events can be scheduled by the user or by the administrator at any time. Events display by the day, week, month or year and feature optional starting day/time and ending day/time for any event. The event is automatically removed from the visual display but kept on the calendar template for future reference or use. Event titles allow a 300 character display limit and the event description can contain up to 2000 characters. Add graphics, logos and photographs by using HTML tags within the title or description fields. Preview options allow instant confirmation of all events entered on the calendar. View the Enterprise Calendar.

Through the "Modify Group Preferences" template each user is able to customize their calendar's physical attributes by indicating changes in the choice of font typeface and font size, column width, border width, cell and background colors, and display formats are all adjustable — instantly!

The monthly calendar display provides links for each event. When a user clicks on a link the current Web page reloads and a view of the selected event displays immediately following the main calendar view. The selected event display feature requires that cookies are enabled on the browser.