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HyperGrasp 3.0 Search Engine

HyperGrasp 3.0 offers you everything you need in a search and archival software engine. It is lightening fast and is capable of indexing, searching and retrieving tens of thousands of articles in a matter of seconds. It is site specific or it can be used to crawl the Web as a solution for your portal development projects.

HyperGrasp 3.0 is fully customizable for site-specific applications. Search criteria include dates, to and from, topics, and advanced query. Typically, searches are not confined to visible, online content, and with HyperGrasp 3.0, data stored on remote servers can be indexed and accessed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, multiple HyperGrasp 3.0 indexes can be programmed to be linked and searchable as a single virtual document or knowledge archive.