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TSAP 2.0 — Telusys' Site Administration Program

TSAP 2.0 Telusys Site Administration Program allows the web site administrator full access to the web files for client-side maintenance. The program lets the administrator create directories, upload and delete files, and perform cut and paste tasks via the clipboard utility. Any number of files may be copied to the clipboard for maintenance by the administrator. The TSAP 2.0 user can download single files or groups of files in Zip format from the server.

The File Finder utility will search through all of the directories on the server and produce a list of all files and directories that match a request making it simple to copy them over to the clipboard to work on. Unwanted files are deposited in the wastebasket where they reside until it is emptied. This utility makes it virtually impossible to mistakenly delete a file from the server.

Multiple levels of TSAP security can be instituted so that administrators have access to only their assigned directories or files. Online help screens, e-mail support and live technical support are provided.