Products and Services

The E-Learning program is a complete multi-level secure online E-Commerce driven education system that synchronizes video, audio, text and graphics presentations to deliver a virtual classroom setting. It offers all of the essential qualities of a real campus without the limitations of geographical location, physical building or predefined schedules. Convenient online access to courses is available 24-hours a day, from virtually any location giving the user the ability to study at their own pace.

E-Learning utilizes many of Telusys's suite of software programs including the Bulletin Board System, LiveTalk Chat Rooms, E-Newsletter, and Tel/Serv mailing list software to enrich the learning experience. Students receive immediate feedback from self-assessment quizzes allowing them to monitor their progress. Convenient push E-mail messages notify them of important communications from the educator.

The E-Learning module provides full administrative functioning with seamless tracking, recording and processing of student registration, course payment and grade record-keeping. Contact us for an E-Learning demonstration.