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Telusys' Balloteer Online Voting Program Now Available

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - April 1, 2005 - Telusys, Inc. has added it's Balloteer® program to all existing client Sitemanager programs effective this date. This no-cost program enables an organization to conduct online voting securely. The Balloteer is extremely simple for non-technical staff to create and manage an election or ballot from their desktops — no HTML coding is required!

The Balloteer program is a Web based software system utilized to build online voting ballots and to manage online elections. The system enables an administrator to create one or more ballots or elections — each ballot or election may have any number of positions or offices included on the ballot. For each position or office, the administrator is able to specify one or more candidates. When all of the candidates have been entered and all of the ballot positions have been specified, the election setup is complete and the ballot is ready for use. A copy-and-paste link is provided that may be sent out via e-mail message or included on a Web site page. Voting results, during, and after an election, are accessible via a link in the Balloter Administration program.

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